Monday, June 30, 2008


setelah lama tak mengomel, arini nak cakap melayu plak
bz betul 2-3 minggu ni
last week ada ari terbuka-pada hari terbuka ni parents come to school and talk abt their children with the teachers(eh ckp omputeh balik).
there are 32 pupils in my class. fortunately, they have been streamed and theoritically my class is the first class in terms of academic. well, the children is quite young, just 8 years old but some are more mature than others.i'm quite sorry for this children coz they are force to compete with each other and make the parents resort to send for extra classes. some of the children in my class is very bright but since everybody is competing to be better., these bright children are only considered average. one of the parents, cite that she didnt have time to see her daughter doing her homewok( i understand some parents who work beyond 9-5 just to make extra income) and she asks me whether her daughter needs extra class, i firmly said no since her daughter is quite good in my subject and she did pay attention in class. while other parents, i did recommend his son to go for extra class since he not able to cope with my teaching but the father said no.. i respect his decision since he said, he pity the boy..early morning go to sekolah agama, came back at 11, bathe, lunch and then off to sekolah kebangsaan, come back at 6, bathe, dinner and then go mengaji at 8, after 9, doing homework and then 10 off to sleep. the boy seems hardly enjoying his childhood. back my time, i still remember main parit behind my house or go cycling around the village until 'azan' maghrib. such a nostalgia:).
few months ago we read in the newspaper how a girl commit suicide just because she did not get good result for her upsr. seme ni tekananla, peer pressure(sorila, arini rojak..)budak2 ni pun kesian, kalau tak g tution, tetinggal
tp kalau g , lthla.and no time to play at all.isk2..kalau budak2 chinese lgla.g piano,taekwondo,ballet..mcm2 lg. homework dahla bertimbun..i used to learn from chinese teacher, mr chia..i still remember how he taught us very firm yet enjoyable and his homework(tonnes of it), how he call me cik manja:)..melalutla plak..
well, the moe has started saying to shift from exam oriented to something more enjoyable. i hope the 'matlamat' will be achieved soon and for the educators takla kelam kabut sgt nak mengabiskan syllabus:)

a nd the children, maybe we can giv e them some deserved break every day, maybe after school, let them play or watch tv abit and then 8-10 homework time, reward them if they finish their homework or show some progress. if they need extra class, maybe on saturday/ sunday so that they can still enjoy their childhood
after all childhood only comes once in a lifetime,rite?

euro is over!!

its been two weeks since my last post
i've been very bz with hari terbuka(open day) and laptop-crisis in my workplace
although i long to write and so many issues so intwresting to write but due to time-constrain,it never materialise. as the title suggest, finally i can rejoice since EURO IS OVER!!!

as i never want it to happen, but i still respect Spain to lift the cup:). my husband is smiling ear to ear since he win the bet:). moreover his fav boy, TORRES scores the winning goal.

ok, enuff abt the soccer. i bet whoever the one who loves abt soccer is still drooling in sleeping, so i better talk abt something else.

Monday, June 16, 2008


i dont understand some people..
really dont understand
in this materialistic world we tend to forget there is no tomorrow for us-for muslim, macam tak ingat mati je...(i'm sure other religion also recognise that any evil u do will be returned with some balasan whatsoever)
lets be simple, for instance muslim who did not pray
well, praying is one of our rukun islam and it is our obligation whether we like it or not
there are 4 categories of muslim that i notice
a)pious- they pray alot
b)moderate- they pray but sometimes skip when it is inconvenience for them like when they go to shopping etc..., in the middle of something-like bersanding,malas nak lap mekap and etc
c)people who did not pray- usually to their lack of knowledge of islam"
d)people who know and yet choose not to pray and oppose the pray itself- geng2 kerajaan langit

well another thing is pakai tudung for muslimah- its terang lagi bersulung dalam quran said we, muslimah should cover ourselves. how we are going to cover its up to ourself, wheteher its burqa, hijab or our tudung wardina, bienda and macam2 lg..but pleasela not tudung ct norhaliza, sharizat,jeanne...and u know who else( i notice during 50's, ramai yg pakai tudung jambul ni..back to future kot). like praying, there are 4 categories but i think the most dangerous one is the category (d). they are usually well-educated muslimah but yet choose to apply only certain bit of islam in their life. One of famous muslimah assoc that approve this is SIS. i've read I Am Muslim by Dina Zaman( i thik she also support the cause of SIS) and i strongly advise the readers to read it and give ur comment.

well, actually i want to talk abt just basic thing of being my workplace-there is a species that i would like to called them 'tukun". They are taking the job just for the sake of getting their salary on 25th every month. that's why la everyone said keje gomen ni goyang kaki. they will come to work and sit idly and leisurely, watching tv, surfing net in the lab(me included) and almost 15 minutes before time-off, they already pack their bag and go home. some even go to banks, shopping within the office hour. if they are doing it during the break or with the s/visor's approval.; then its fine for me. but off -course they are not. and when it comes to appraisal and promotion, they came out as top contender!how unfair the life is...
sometimes all we can do is not to ask our superior what makes this tukun is better than us because we might end up more sakit hati than before. but like on of my more-emotionally-controlled friend said, Sabarlah Da, ni masa dia(this is his time), insha Allah next time it will be yours especially in AKHIRAT, ALLAH knows what u're doing..and being a very good muslim(insha allah) we have to accept and always remember thet rezki is given byALLAH. sometimes our tukun have bigger salary than us but, 'berkat' is not there, he always end up macam tak cukup makan compared to us with lower pay since his gaji is not 'berkat'. when i compare my pay to my's a very wide gap between, yet with my father's meagre income, he managed to send all 7 of us to university without borrowing money from a single person/ah long-that's what berkat is for me. i'm not sure i can send my daughters to higher edu without taking loan int the future mumbling is becoming more nonsense like nenek2 already, have to pen off now or u reaers are going to fall asleep.bye for now

Friday, June 13, 2008


germany lost?
i cannot believe my ears when my husband said that while i am busy preparing breakfast for him this morning. i've been betting on germany to win the cup but they already dissapoint me in their second game. i 've read before that shebby singh had predicted Croatia is going to be the dark horse in group B and 'unsangkarably' his prediction is bull eyes!

now i have to think again who going to win. oh god please dont make it SPAIn.

football mania

Thursday, June 12, 2008

football mania

everywhere people talk about football
including at home since euro 2008 has started
before euro, its epl
after euro..around august epl will start again
i guess i will never got to touch the remote control whenever my the other half is around..sigh..
i try to like football- i mean the live telecast..but sometimes it is too much..especially in this time of season where astro even got 4 channels to telecast the game-delayed or live..sigh..i just have to bear until 30th that time MERDEKA!but it is only short lived since epl will start again around august. my liverpool die-hard fan husband definitely will ctrl the remote on wknd to watch his team playing.i used to know no-one from his team but now i can recite few players especially his STRIKER of the year-who else than TTTTOOORRRes.than the coach-benitez and few others like xabi alonso, his IDOL-GERRARD. and just for the purpose to tease him, I even pretend to be the die-hard fan of MU-the team that he despise the most especially since MU got the 2008 league and europian championship..hehe...i can recite almost every MU players but surely I cannot argue with him about the technical aspect of the game. just telling him how smart my christiano ronaldo keep diving to get penalty:)

due to his fanaticsm of liverpool, he even bet on spain to get the euro cup. and not to be left behind, i vote for portugal(definitely because ronaldo in it) to win the cup. germany, holland also have big potential to win. what abt u?

i have to end here, no paasssion to write today. my eyelid keep closing while i have tonnes of adab belajar to be completed . thats all for now

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

petrol price

its almost a week now since the 78 sen hike. some people who used to drive car began switching to public transport. thank god i am not included since my fuel consumption just less than rm60 a month. if not i cannot imagine bringing my extremely active 2 year old with her extremely non-stranger friendly sister boarding rapid kl. i would rather sent them to the day care beside my house even it cost me rm100 more than the current baby-sitter.

my very wise thrifty elder brother had already thinking of cycling from his taman medan house to the office in pj. after all he do need the exercise. while i am not able to save in terms of fuel consumption, terms gardening had been dancing in my mind for few days now. me? gardening?my mother will simply rolling on the floor laughing while my father, in his macho style will simply said..i dont think its a wise idea my dear..:)
what? everyone will simply think; me; the most spoil child in the family will ever dirty my hands just to plant pandan leaves, curry leaves(seriously u're not thinking i am going to grow my own paddy-field here) and few essential herbs that i need in my cooking.

well first i need to buy some soil in Carrefour, some pasu and of course seed or anak pokok.then the planting process and taking care of it every day. the last process is simply the one i dreaded most. not because it is hard to do but simply because sometimes my' hangat-hangat taik ayam" will simply crept up to me

besides gardening, i am thinking of keeping my air-cond remote somewhere where i can forget. for now.thank god it raining almost every day now so it is not too hot for our family to sleep without one.when the el-nina/la-nina came,then , i have to find the remote back

if u readers, somehow reading this, can u suggest whaat else can i save on. plz dont say no shopping on weekend since it is my form of therapy:).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i just started my blog yesterday and i already addicted!
whenever i'm free my mind is full of thought, thinking what i am going to write today:)
writing is my weakness especially in this stamford raffles language:)
although finger-pointing is not encouraged..i would like to state that i am the product of this so-call kbsr and the headlines in the paper abt graduate student did not excel in english is sadly TRUE..
that bring me to the discussion today abt the usage of english in maths and science

as an educator myself, i know the challenge that is faced by almost all the teachers nationwide..
the difficulties to teach the children ( off course u have to exclude the children studying at most missionary schools, schools in the exclusive areas such damansara, mont kiara, private schools and so forth) but i still think the ETEms should be continued regaRDLESS ALL THE BROUHAHA FROM THE POLITICIAN...

from my point of view the children today are more easily to get adapted to the language since they're exposed to various media in their daily lives. even rural folks do have tv in their home. Some even have ASTRO which is not a luxury anymore due to the skyscrapers which keep blocking the signals to be transmitted to the fish-bone tV aerials locared in most houses.even most of the cartoons are in ENGLISH. even my two-year old can already recite 1-10 in english.that for me quite an accomplishment compared to me which only know that when i go to school

i know the result is not that good but things like this takes quite a long time to produce good result. u cannot teach for just 6 years abd hoping all the year6(2008) children can speak english like mr stamford raffls itself(even thy're teacher still stuttering and mumbling words...bukan seme...only few:))

so, as a conclusion..i really hope hte POWER EHO IN CHARGE will continue the ETEMs and please forget abt not being patriotic here..we are doing it for the sake of our children. it hink by the time all my children goes to work, they need even more than 3 language to be fluent in just to get a decent job

well , enuff said..esok masih ada..:)

Monday, June 9, 2008


assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera

since PR12, blog-mania is everywhere..i think the most novice wakil rakyat know what is blog.. i somehow also knew this since back my university days but due to limited resources(read it streamyx :) ), the passion is never there...but in order not to be too left behind from my college mate..i have to start one now..but it might be too plain and bland..just forgive this newcomer:)

saat-saat pertama bergelar ibu

saat-saat pertama bergelar ibu
cinta hati pertama